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Denafrips Gaia DDC - perfect condition

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Denafrips Gaia DDC - perfect condition

Denafrips Gaia DDC for sale - perfect condition.


No box as I foolishly used it to ship something else I'd sold and didn't have a box for but I didn't want to keep the buyer waiting.


I bought it in November 2021 so it still has 20 months of the 36 month warranty to go.


Barely used as it didn't work out for my intended use case which was admittedly niche. I was trying to run optical in from my Sky TV box and convert to I2S for my Directstream DAC but I couldn't get the right I2S setting. I already have a high-end DDC in the form of an Innuos Phoenix so the Gaia isn't needed in my setup.


I don't have the original mains cable either so I'll include an aftermarket MCRU cable (was approx. £50) as pictured.


Costs £1500 new so I'll accept £1100 for a quick sale. PayPal (friends & family) or bank transfer and I'll pay for shipping by courier within UK or EU.


Happy to answer any questions but you're probably better reading the reviews etc. as I really didn't use it much beyond testing it and failing to find an I2S setting my Directstream DAC liked.


If the buyer is in the London area they are welcome to pop round and test it.


Thanks for looking.






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