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Monitor Audio Silver (5G) Speakers, Choose from Set of 5 - Must sell fast. Will consider all offers.

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Monitor Audio Silver (5G) Speakers, Choose from Set of 5 - Must sell fast. Will consider all offers.


Set of three (L/C/R) Monitor Audio Silver 8 loudspeakers and two Monitor Audio Silver 2 speakers in perfect condition at less than half of original price.

Includes user manual, outriggers, feet/spikes and factory packaging.
1. I will accept check in advance, Zelle or PayPal (+fee).
2. Local p/u in either NYC or Eastern  Western CT. Can be shipped at buyer's expense.
3. I am willing to sell the single (center) Silver 8 speaker separately.
4. I am willing for sell all for a 5.0 set.

5. I am willing to sell just a pair of Silver 8s and/or a pair of Silver 2s separately.

I have sold this house and must clear out everything, ASAP.



  • Seller
    Kal Rubinson
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  • Price
    1,500.00 USD
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Kal Rubinson

Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


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