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Ready, set, PANIC: A newbie's plea


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First, let me say that this site is wonderful - so much information and so little static. However, and here is where I hang my head in shame, the more I read, the less I seem to understand.


I want to join the party. I have an iMac in the iMac room, and a big bad Linn rig (plus Benchmark DAC1 and iPod Touch) in the Linn room. A wall separates them. I want to deliver music from there to here, but I can't quite get my head around what I need to do next.


I'd like to hook up the Mac and Linn/Benchmark wirelessly with the fewest components possible. What would that be? If I add an Airport Express to the iMac, what do I need at the Benchmark end? Do I put the AE in the hifi room, and something else - like an Extreme or a Time Capsule - in the Mac room? Or have I got the whole thing bass-ackward?


I know I'm missing something laughably simple, and hope you can help me figure out what it is.









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Thanks for the reply Chris.


That sounds almost too easy - so I'm going to complicate things a bit! How about if there was also a Macbook in the living room, where the Linn lives, and I wanted to create a wifi network for the Macbook and the iMac, and still have a Toslink connection to the Benchmark? I'd need more than just the one AE, right?


btw, you must have the patience of a saint.





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Hi David - You haven't complicated things at all. Both computers connect to the AE wireless network and the AE still connects to the Benchmark.


Patience is pretty easy when doing something you really enjoy. The little to no sleep factor does come in to play though :-)


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