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Ready, set, PANIC: A newbie's plea


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First, let me say that this site is wonderful - so much information and so little static. However, and here is where I hang my head in shame, the more I read, the less I seem to understand.


I want to join the party. I have an iMac in the iMac room, and a big bad Linn rig (plus Benchmark DAC1 and iPod Touch) in the Linn room. A wall separates them. I want to deliver music from there to here, but I can't quite get my head around what I need to do next.


I'd like to hook up the Mac and Linn/Benchmark wirelessly with the fewest components possible. What would that be? If I add an Airport Express to the iMac, what do I need at the Benchmark end? Do I put the AE in the hifi room, and something else - like an Extreme or a Time Capsule - in the Mac room? Or have I got the whole thing bass-ackward?


I know I'm missing something laughably simple, and hope you can help me figure out what it is.









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Thanks for the reply Chris.


That sounds almost too easy - so I'm going to complicate things a bit! How about if there was also a Macbook in the living room, where the Linn lives, and I wanted to create a wifi network for the Macbook and the iMac, and still have a Toslink connection to the Benchmark? I'd need more than just the one AE, right?


btw, you must have the patience of a saint.





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