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So, what if the Apple TV2 is not bit perfect?

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I am still experimenting with music server options and was curious about this bit perfection issue. I bought the Apple TV2 last fall and have tried it via optical output into an Arcam rDac and most recently the PS Audio PerfectWave Dac. I am streaming music from an iMAC via iTunes to the ATV2 connected to an Airport Extreme router via ethernet (not wireless).


I certainly don't claim to have golden ears but I am having difficulty finding major faults to the 48kHz output of the ATV2. I have tried different settings in Audio Midi in the iMAC and now with the PerfectWave Dac different sample rates and filters. The PerfectWave Dac verifies that the ATV2 is outputing 48kHz. It gives you the option to change sample rates from Native (48 in this case) or 44.1 - 192. In Native mode it sounds very good. After some experimenting with various combinations in the PWD I have currently settled on 96kHz with the Filter 1 option ("Minimum phase Apodising filter. Low pre-ringing, minimal group delay, minimized post ringing, good phase vs. frequency, sharper filter cutoff" as described by PS Audio). To my ears this has detailed, dynamic, and smooth overall sound. But the main point is that differences are subtle and as I said before at 48kHz I am not hearing faults like increased noise floor, or brightness or other digital nasties.


So, my question is, what are the net limiting sonics effects of not being bit perfect? What should I be hearing or not hearing if that is case?


If I take the ATV2 out and get the bridge card option for the PWD I would be able to play bit perfect at native 44.1 or 96kHz for the 25 or so DVD-A discs I have imported. Would this provide a significantly noticeable improvement in SQ or would it just be subtle?


I am open to other suggestions.


Thanks, Al




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