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SFP on Music Server


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I have been playing with different hardware Intel and AMD for the past year and realised if one is using a sfp card on the audiopc it largly makes the hardware irrelavant if one uses the server for streaming only. NO USB and NO ethernet on the PC.


All the differences I hear are now of the software only. Windows or Linux and other softwares that are on it as a dlna server. 


Has anyone else experienced this? 

The only difference I get are on my endpoint which is ethernet, Emm Labs NS1.


I see a lot of fancy hardware being used but I'm stumped if it isolated by a sfp card to the switch or a router. 

My final last mile to my NS1 is where all the differences exist.


Would love the opinions of others here.

Edit: Single mode SFP card and transceivers only.

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Agree. The most important server differentials for me are how fast the hardware can process HQPlayer and stream to the endpoint. Fiber to the endpoint for me. The most important factors on the endpoint are that itself is low-power/low-noise and provide a clean signal to the DAC.

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That's a great feeling to narrow things down and like it :)


I find fiber essential at the right spots but does bring its own challenges such as component matching, sound signatures of each type of sfp, type of cable used, power supplies in play etc. With careful matching one can get to a neutral sounding connection but it can take some work or just sheer determination. It is not a magic cure but more like an useful tool.


Enjoy the music!

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I have never had good sound with multi mode sfp and cables.

Single mode cables and sfp have been consistent and sound very neutral. Helps keep the differences from different softwares to come through easy. Single mode isolates the music server and nas very well unlike other modes of connection (ethernet or multimode sfp). My audio side is only a uptone switch with my NS1 connected to it.

Just started using audionirvana and noticed it loves to take up cpu cycles when the track begins for a few seconds. Unlike other DLNA softwares. 

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