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FINAL PRICE-DROP! SOtM sCLK-OCX10 10MHz Master Clock Special Edition 4x 50ohm

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FINAL PRICE-DROP! SOtM sCLK-OCX10 10MHz Master Clock Special Edition 4x 50ohm

FINAL HOLIDAY PRICE-DROP! For sale is my SOtM sCLK-OCX10 Master Clock Special Edition (includes addition of Evox capacitors and eABS-200 acoustic absorption paper) with 4x50ohm BNC connectors. Will include an iFi iPower 12V power supply. Does not come with any BNC cables. Does comes with original box and badges. Unit is mint in terms of function. There are a few scrapes on the underside where I had it mounted on some footers. They are not visible from above nor do they affect the functioning of the unit in any way. I used this to reclock my streamer, my ethernet switch, my renderer and my USB purifier (all from SOtM as well). As these other units have now sold, this incredible upgrade to the digital playback chain is available. All the SOtM products I used had a profound effect on my digital listening pleasure and this unit was at that heart of those many upgrades in SQ. The phase noise numbers on this unit are absolutely incredible:


 Typical Phase noise(dB/Hz) of internal OSC

    10Hz : -140 >

    100Hz : -160 >

    1KHz : -165 >

    10KHz : -165 >

    100KHz : -165 >


More information can be found here:




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