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Calling PS3 owners

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Greetings one and all!


Got a question about the PS3's digital optical out...


I know that you can send out 44.1 and 44 via the optical...


curious to know if you can send out higher bit rates?


I have the Bryston BDA-1 and it can read up 192... so, um... I know one can set the PS3 to decode Dolby True HD and DTS Master HD into 2 channel at 44.1 or 44 via the optical out... but the curious question I have, can I output higher than that?


88.2, 96, 176, 192


I know the Bandwidth of the optical cable is limited... just not sure to what point!


192 x 24 x 2 = 9216k or 9.216Mb


according to the ever questionable wikipedia... spdif supports 24 bits.. but no idea what bitrate!


Remember, no HDMI other than to the TV in this system!


many thanks




Drew.[br]Totem Model 1 Signature\'s

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