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Article: Atmos Music and Some Current Favorites, Part 2 (Grammy Edition)

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On 11/28/2022 at 10:12 AM, El Guapo said:

Multichannel DXD is more toward to studio equipment so far. No commercial Hi-End DAC can handle >8ch unless you know how to aggregate it. Confirmed two Topping DM7 8ch USB DACs can aggregate as one 16ch DAC on a Mac using Audio MIDI Setup or on a PC using ASIO4ALL (see photo). Using such technique you can playback those discrete multichannel music (maybe just a little downsampling in your player software). Ultimate solution is to acquire Merging's equipment (suggest Hapi Mk2 with 2x DA8P) for playback those MCH DXD.


I was using Audiolense XO doing frequency sweep / DRC for two aggregated Topping DM7s for 7.1.4 setup on a MBP bootcamp to Windows:


How do you solve the drift problem?

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