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Word Clock Package

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Word Clock Package

4 items sold together. I used to add an exterior Word Clock to EtherRegan. 


1. BG&TBL 10m OCXO Word Clock with 3 10 mhz outputs

2. Geistnote's Apogee Wide Eye 75 Ohm BNC Word Clock Cable

3. Mini-Circuits BLP 10.7-7-75 Low Pass Filter 75 ohm.

4. DC Power Supply Meanwell. 


All in like new condition.


Cost new was approximately $200.


iMac 27" with local music files > Audirvana Studio > Router/ Modem> etherRegan )JS-2 LPS > Sablon > 2nd etherRegan (LPS 1.2))>UltraRendu (LPS-1.2)> Schiit Yggy > Ayre K5 XE MP Preamp > Ayre v5 Amp > Aerial 10-T Speakers. PC's, SC's and  IC's Cerious Technology Matrix and Ghent DC cords. Gaia under components and speakers. 1 Topaz 1k Iso, BPT power center. Maestro wall plug, dedicated 20 amp run to equipment, second run to distant iMac/Router, BK Precision 1604 and 2nd Topaz.

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