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Parasound JC-5 Amplifier (Black) -- mint condition

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Parasound JC-5 Amplifier (Black) -- mint condition

Like new, lightly used Parasound JC-5 amplifier. As the pictures show, it has no scratches of blemishes. Has lots of power but also a lot of finesse -- it operates in Class A for the first 12 watts. Throws off a wide and deep soundstage with my KEF Reference 1s without breaking a sweat. Comes with all original boxes, packaging, and accessories.

This is a fairly large and heavy amplifier so I don't want to risk shipping it. I'm in New England and happy to have it picked up or dropped off (if reasonably close) or meet at a mid-way location.

Cash preferred -- add 3% for Paypal.

You can check out my feedback under the same handle (jcn3) on Audiogon and Head-Fi.

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    4,000.00 USD
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main rig:  simaudio moon mind 2 > chord dave > parasound jc-5 > kef reference 1
second rig:  simaudio moon mind 2 > chord qutest > luxman sq-n150 > klipsch heresy 1
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