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The "Right Now" thread is a great place to see new albums and music. It would help me a lot, however, if you'd include a little comment about the music. Style, tempo, some general comments about what it's like would help me decide if I should look into it further. Some of the albums there I've never heard of and don't know where to start.


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That is one of the reasons, besides the fact that I couldn't find a good link to an album photo for it, that I put up the link to the home page for Robert Plant and Allison Krause's 'Raising Sand' project. The link takes you to a place where you can not only listen to the WHOLE album - which is really starting to grow on me - but has a video and lots of other information.


Admittedly, most material out there won't have this sort of media available on the web, and many folks don't have broadband either. There is however, always iTunes or Amazon with their preview feature to give you a 'snapshot segment' of what the music is like. I am also hearing rumblings that other online content providers are starting to provide the kind of "listen to the whole album streaming online" feature that is available at the http://www.robertplantalisonkrauss.com/site.php link.


If this kind of thing isn't available I really think that the template idea is a good one. I will use it the next time!


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That's a good start. I'd like to add a couple of things. For example:


Artist: Crooked Still

Title: "Shaken by a Low Sound"

Genre: sort of folk-bluegrass-blues

Good song to sample: "New Railroad"

Similar artists: Atwater-Donelly

Interesting notes: Vocals, with cello and other accompaniment.

Recording quality: Very good

Comments: Small group, well coordinated, interesting songs. Lots of detail in the recording, and the music holds my interest.


This needs more work. I'm not used to writing music reviews, so putting what I hear into comprehensible words is difficult. I just happened to pick this album because I was listening to it last night. It'd be better if I were listening while writing.


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