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Ipad best solution for headless Mac Mini server?

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Hello All,


I am looking for your help in finding the best solution to control headless Mac Mini server.


Is the IPad a good choice?


Decibel and Audirvana are my go-to audio players.


I do have a pc laptop that can run VNC.


Looking for a better/faster solution though....




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I enjoy using LogMeIn Ignition with my iPad and iPhone, works flawlessly for running my Mac Mini headless. Was the best VNC client I tried, though also one of the more expensive clients. I also have TeamViewer, but I haven't tested it yet compared to LMI. TV is free for home use, LMI is $30 I believe. Both work on the iPad.


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I don't know if it's the best, but anything I can do on my MBP I can do remotely using Mocha Lite and my iPhone. Plus it's free. It's pretty amazing that I can control my music server regardless of what room or floor I am in at the time.


The advantage of using an iPad or another Mac laptop would be less scrolling and zooming compared to the small screen on my iPhone or iPod Touch. The advantage of using my iPhone is that once I'm dressed, I always have it on me so it's most convenient.


I use Audirvana, Audiogate, Decibel and Pure Music on my MBP and I can easily switch and control the players remotely at will.


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I've used an iPad and iPod touch to control the audio content on my headless Mini, both pretty unbeatable with Apple's remote app (with iTunes).


In the end I even prefer the smaller Touch because it does every thing you need while being very portable and easy to use with one hand.


Only disadvantage (as far as I can see) is that you are forced to use iTunes if you want to use remote app




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use a program that uses the iTunes library. Amarra and Pure Music are two such players, and both are HUGE improvements over iTunes as a player, yet each allow full use of the Remote app (cuz you are navigating the iTunes library but not using the midfi iTunes player). Being that you, the OP, are using players with their own GUI's this is somewhat a non-issue, but wanted to set the record straight.


I second Ryan's rec of LogMeIn Ignition. It is flawless when used on the iPad for VNC work (installs, updates, general servicing of the Mac Mini, and in your case, use of the Decibel or Audirvana GUI)..


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aha, sorry for my false statement. I'm quite new in the computer audio business, that might explain it ;)


Reading the first post again I also think that velasqte is looking for complete remote control of his Mac, not only controlling the media. I use the 'share screen' option on my Mac Book Air for that.


When you say 'huge improvements' and 'midfi iTunes' player, are you referring to the audio quality or the program in general?


Is there a computer audio 'tutorial' somewhere for new-bee's like me (to prevent reinventing the wheel and false statments in the future. ;)


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for "false statements". :) iTunes is both a player and a library. As a library and graphical interface it's pretty nice, and products like Pure Music use it well (the classical guys don't like iTunes library as much cuz the genre/artist/title thing doesn't go far enough for composers,etc and they are right). As a music player iTunes is considered average (sounding) at best and that's why there are a plethora of other players out there.


Just peruse the threads and forums here. You'll learn quick enough about what interests you.


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The best free RDP I've used is PocketCloud from Wyse Technology. Very easy to setup and reliable. I've tried some of the other free apps, but none were as reliable as pocketcloud in my experience.


It works great with my ipad and droid to control a mac mini.


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