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Wyred4Sound DAC2, Mac mini server and Pure Music Software

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Hello all,


I am in the middle of determining what direction to go in terms of equipment. My research makes for a welcome narrowing of possibilities for system playback set up. I have this playback system for audio:





Classe DR-6 preamp with phono; Sony XA-5400ES SACD player; Mark Levinson 29 Amplifier; Spendor SP 1/2 speakers; Richard Gray power filtration and Transparent Cables.





Apple Mac Pro Quad Core computer (current) 2.8 Ghz with 6GB RAM; LED Cinema Display (current) and Western Digital 2 TB My Book Studio II (2 of these). One is a backup for my media folder since I do not use Time Machine for Itunes.


I rip my CDs in Apple Lossless and have some FLAC files converted to Apple Lossless via Max in my media folder. I currently use Itunes with a Classic 160 GB Ipod.


My current preferences (that I may duplicate for both audio systems) would be a Mac Mini server (2 x 500 GB hard drives); Wyred for Sound DAC2 (with 192 Khz USB); either a 7" touchscreen for navigation or use a Mac Iphone for system control. Audio files would be sent over a wireless router after ripping or downloading. Playback would be from the Mac mini hard drives.


As far as software goes, I understand that the Channel D Pure Music software is much more musically realistic than Itunes. I am strongly considering this application over Amarra to substitute Itunes for my Audio systems.


I welcome any thoughts on the above.


Kind regards,







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I am thinking of getting th new 2011 Mac Mini and the Wyred Dac-2 and Pure Music. I think you were thinking of the same system in your note above. Did you get the system you were considering? If so how do you like the setup? Does it sound better than a good cd player?


Li have a few questions if you do not mind me asking.


- what file format are you using to oblation the best quality sound?

- are you using a HHS or ssd external drive

- what other lessons learned can you share?


Thanks for considering corresponding with. I am newto this and trying to learn how to build s system.






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