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Playing Roon over RAAT - Does the server matter for SQ?

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34 minutes ago, Yiakubou said:

In every streaming setup I tried, the quality always degraded when Roon was in the mix. Either it does something weird during playback, or there is something in the RAAT protocol, but that is my experience. Even when using it with HQPlayer, it's still worse than using HQPlayer alone - again because Roon pushes it's own continuous audio data stream to HQP, it's not just a remote HQP controller.


This makes zero sense. Unless Roon DSP is involved, Roon is sending bit perfect data to the DAC if directly connected to the Roon server or bit perfect data to the Roon endpoint. Bit perfect! When Roon is used with HQPlayer, HQPlayer gets the data from Roon and then sends it to the DAC if directly attached or to the HQPlayer NAA. HQPlayer does this...not Roon. HQPlayer is not being messed up by Roon.


Now, if you want to say that the RAAT protocol , which uses TCP, is somehow coloring the bit perfect data sent to the Roon endpoint, you need to explain this in some way that makes sense. When Roon sends bit perfect music data to an ultraRendu acting as a Roon endpoint, and then he ultraRendu passes that out the USB port to the DAC, again in bit perfect form, how is that RAAT is changing the sound?


When using an HQPlayer NAA, the NAA has no idea how the data got to HQPlayer. It only receives a stream of data from HQPlayer. How, pray tell, does that change the sound quality of what is coming out of the DAC when it gets the exact same data from HQPlayer either way?

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23 minutes ago, Yiakubou said:

Logically, that makes me think (and hear) that there's just something wrong with Roon streams.


I think there is some kind of expectation bias issue here. Especially with the HQPlayer setup with the NAA. There must be zero difference there as the NAA has no idea where HQPlayer gets the music data and it gets the same exact data whether Roon or HQPlayer Client is doing the playing.

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Again, it makes no sense…the same data is being sent by HQPlayer either way.


The only possible explanation for a difference is when directly connected to the DAC the server is being utilized differently which might change the electrical noise going to the DAC from the system. However, this issue goes out the window when the NAA is in play. 

Expectation bias is the most logical explanation here.

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