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Finding files on Antipodes CX

Guest Muser

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I acquired a used Antipodes CX. I'm confused about getting it to see most of my files. Hoping for help.


I have not added an SSD drive yet, but will. I ripped a CD (“Monk”) to the CX using a USB CD player. Thus, I assume the CX has some storage space on it. I can see the ripped CD and play it back.


I would like to get files from a networked computer either directly on to the CX or have the CX see the files on my network. (I am purchasing a 2TB SSD to add to the CX).


Looking from two computers on my network shows (?) I  have transferred a number files to the CX. My Mac Mini shows I have files on the CX under "storage\music\*.* (where * represents subfolders/extensions). My Windows 10 machine locates the same folders. However, I cannot locate the files using Logitech Media Server. Using LMS under “music folders” I see Monk, but none of the folders my Mac and Win10 see.


I am guessing/hoping this is a profoundly ignorant question. If so, sorry for asking how to get to such a simple question. If this belongs in another area, please move this inquiry there, or I'll reopen it there. In advance, thanks.



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On 10/5/2022 at 7:05 PM, Muser said:

My guess and hope was correct. "Automatic entry" (if it has that) pointed to the wrong location. Consider this question resolved.

Glad you got it straightened out.  As an FYI, Antipodes has a support forum.  



Also, Antipodes had an upgrade available for the CX.  This may still be available.  


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