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RIP - Anton Fier

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Anton Fier (June 20, 1956 – September 21, 2022)
was an American drummer, producer, composer, and bandleader.
I learned first about him when I bought the 2nd oeuvre from his band "The Golden Palominos" called "Vision of Excess".
This is an omium- gatherum of well known artists who joined his production:
Michel Stipe, Carla Bley, Bernie Worrel, Johny Lydon, Henry Kaiser, Richard Thompson, Jack Bruce ... in 1986.
He was a real figurehead for the NY underground / avantgarde and as noted before the list of his collaborations is quiet long.
He died in Zurich/Switzerland at September 21st, 2022.
Rest in peace, Anton.

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NYT Obit:


Anton Fier, Drummer Who Left Stamp on a Downtown Scene, Dies at 66


I've been listening to recordings that he played on since reading the obit 2 days ago. A lot of interesting and engaging stuff, including early work with the Feelies and Lounge Lizards. Listening now to the Golden Palominos recordings and intend to continue on with this.

A good listening adventure for me. Thanks for the post, Tom. I would guess that he's been on @sphinxsix radar as well. Probably not many here familiar with his work.



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