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Please vote for Arcadian Days

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Not sure where this post should go, so hopefully this is the right place? Apologies if not.


My son's band - Arcadian Days, are trying to get a slot to perform at the Y-Not Festival in Derbyshire (UK) this summer. The Y-Not organisers are running a vote on Facebook.




If you have a Facebook account and have the time they'd appreciate your vote. Voting ends at 21:00 GMT 4th March 2011 (Today), so not much time.



[*]If you've not already, please 'Like' the Y-Not Festival page




[*]Then goto this page and find the Arcadian Days post, (it's top of the list,) and 'Like' it, to register your vote.





Arcadian Days are a young band, still at college, who write all their own songs, who all play multiple instruments and are pretty talented all round. They have recorded their own EP, got it mixed and then put it out on:

They did it all themselves, well, with just a little help!


They love music and the recording quality for the songs is very high if you can get the 24bit versions. My son Owen, is completely into Computer Audio, all his music comes from his MacBook, via his DIY'ed Digital amp and Twisted Pear DAC and out through his KEF speakers.

So please help a fellow Computer Audio enthusiast, DIY'er and Musician.



Owen's Dad


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I'm afraid to say Arcadian Days did not win the vote, but congratulations to the winners.


Anyway I am very proud of their efforts and extremely grateful to all of you for your kindness in helping.


Thank you, maybe next time...


Owen's Dad


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