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Article: T+A DAC 200 D/A Converter Review

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6 hours ago, AudioDoctor said:

Miska, I just re-read your message to me as well as T&As emails.  You mentioned that due to the chips in use being SDM chips (for PCM) that Hardware Modulators were still in use


From the 16x rate PCM input, rest of oversampling is done by copying the sample N times and then it goes to the modulator.


6 hours ago, AudioDoctor said:

Are you both talking about the same thing?


Maybe, but I don't know for sure.


5 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

if OVS is set to NOS1 or NOS2, the the filtering would just be 120 kHz or 60 kHz.


These are the analog reconstruction filters that should be always active. It is great that there's a possibility to select between two possibilities.


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