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Article: T+A DAC 200 D/A Converter Review

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On 9/7/2022 at 4:21 PM, ted_b said:


Good point, so, to make my own point more specific, is it a lateral move from the May KTE to the Dac 200?  There clearly are differences when going up price-wise to the Mola Mola, so I know it's not as much a "knuckle" as bbosler believes...but of course YMMV.  :)

Hey Ted,


I was just checking in here and saw your question about DAC 200 vs the May, and the consideration of the Tambaqui.  As the Tambaqui is of course in another price category, it is a different thing, although I agree, I could certainly live with the Tambaqui and be happy forever, and not need any special servers or external oversampling, as you note, Bruno is a *ucking genius!  In any case, I cannot afford a Tambaqui...  IDK about May vs. DAC 200, one thing is, the T+A folks are very good with the analog circuitry, they use a discrete output stage also running at high voltage rails.  One thing I learned in my time at PS Audio was that running line level stages at much higher than normal, or conventional, voltages often gives sonic benefits, and can allow for very simple discrete circuits to achieve higher linearity (and can sound really good).  I have a bit of bias against Chinese products, especially if the distribution is not top class, and I personally have not been impressed with the US Distributor for Holo Audio (YMMV).  I would have a bias for the provenance of the T+A myself, whether this is valid in terms of performance, I have not made a comparison and could not say.  I just know I am a big fan of the converter tech, which is similar between the May, DAC 200, and even the Tambaqui-although for May and DAC 200 one would use HQPlayer to get the best out of them, and with the Tambaqui it is amazing just sending it whatever the native file is and letting it do its thing.

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