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Article: T+A DAC 200 D/A Converter Review

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9 hours ago, yyz said:


I looked at your A'gon profile and could not see what DAC you currently use. Do you mind sharing that? 


I use the DACs in my Trinnov AL 16.. 


further to my point.. I just got the latest Stereophile with recommended components. Not that I consider them to be THE authority but if you look the digital section you will find

  • 18 digital file players with an A+ rating and 5 more with an A rating
  • 11 digital processors with an A+ rating and 13 more with an A rating

If there are currently 23 file players and 24 DACs rated the "best attainable sound for a component of it's kind"  including a Roon Nucleus+, how much different can they possibly be? There is a $1300 A+ DAC and a $600 DAC rated A along with those for $30K +.. AND that doesn't include all of the equipment that Stereophile hasn't reviewed


I think all of this calls into question Stereophile's methodology, motivations,  and ratings structure, but at some point you are buying bragging rights. My contention is that this point comes much earlier than many of us care to admit.


see my system at Audiogon  https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/768



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