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Article: Bookshelf Speaker Comparison

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This was a great review.

It brought my attention to philharmonic audio that might play a role in a secondary system.


I am enjoying my new speakers (Audiovector R3) and they also have a dome tweeter that I found informative but sweet sounding. They have a monitor (R1) that probably would feel at home in that comparison.


Monitor loudspeakers have a charm of their own because we can more easily play with their location and made them sonicaly disappear.


It reminds me that I should have took the opportunity to buy a used Evolution Acoustics micro one, as that was the best that I found at doing that disappearing act while being extraordinary on voices and acoustics with a great integration of tweeter and ceramic drivers.



I will keep an eye on the market for used Micro Ones and Philarmonic Audio monitors...

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