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Article: Bookshelf Speaker Comparison

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Thanks for the review @JoshM! This is a really good write-up and describes details that are important to me or that I'd at least be interested in knowing. Of course when I see RAAL true ribbon tweeter, I immediately perk up. My RAAL headphones are amazing. But, they are a single driver "speaker" that doesn't have to integrate with any other driver or drive a room.I wanted to read that the BMR was equally as stunning as the RAAL SR1a headphones, but that's a bit crazy :~)


Looking at these three speakers, it's really evident that many roads lead to sonic happiness. Just considering the difference in tweeter technologies alone, these speakers should be metaphorically placed at the tips of an equilateral triangle, all three very far from each other. 


Great info Josh. Well done.

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2 minutes ago, davide256 said:

Thanks for the review! Can you advise what amplifier you used as that can bias the results. Have heard the Philharmonic BMR's before, very nice,




From the review:


At various points, I listened to each speaker with both a Schiit Ragnarok1 integrated amplifier and a (previously reviewed) Bryston 4B3 power amplifier controlled by a Benchmark HPA4 headphone/preamplifier. Over time, I also used a variety of DACs with each pair of speakers. Finally, I also listened to each pair of speakers with and without my SVS SB13 Ultra subwoofer (which required different settings, due to each pair’s differing sensitivity and low-end response).


However, for this review’s critical listening, I kept things consistent. The subwoofer was switched off, and the evaluation setup included my Berkeley Alpha Reference 1 DAC and the Bechmark HPA4/Bryston 4B3 pre/amp combination. Each pair of speakers was level-matched with pink noise using a Dayton measurement microphone at the listening position. Volumes for each speaker were marked on the HPA4, which allows for precise level-adjustment.

Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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