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Blue Circle Audio BC-202 Hybrid Stereo Power Amplifier

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Blue Circle Audio BC-202 Hybrid Stereo Power Amplifier

Blue Circle Audio BC-202 Hybrid Stereo Power Amplifier. Very good condition, operates perfectly. One small minor cosmetic issue on the front face plate, bottom edge (see first pic). This could easily be touched up.

MSRP: $8,250.00


This is a tube/solid state hybrid design.

Comes with the original factory packaging for safe and secure delivery. Amazing amp. The slightly bigger brother BC-204 (same amp, just a bit more power) has been compared to Lamm- see the review link below.

Excellent hybrid design giving you the best of both tube and solid state in one chassis. Gilbert Yeung hand built these amps to order himself. Amazing attention to detail. Trying to get something like this today is very difficult and expensive. Gilbert is a true master and one of the most creative and innovative audio designers of our era.




Adapter Info: https://voodoocable.net/product/iec-to-powercon-adapter/

BC-204, compared to Lamm:


General Gilbert info and his new audio venture:



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