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Benchmark AHB2

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Benchmark AHB2

Thank you for looking. I am putting up for sale my Banchmark AHB2 Amplifier. I have the original box.  I ran this one in both mono with another one and stereo in a couple of different systems. Sounds fantastic in  Mono or stereo. Had no problem driving Sonus Faber Cremonas 4 ohm speakers in mono. 


I have been a big fan of Benchmark for a while, but I am moving on to other brands. This amp is in excellent shape and sound wonderful. TThe AHB2 is amazing, with incredible realism. 


I will cover all shipping and Paypal fees. SHipping will be FEDEX. 

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    2,000.00 USD
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McIntosh C500T&P, MC501s, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Ayre QB-9, Oppo BDP-83 Mac Mini

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