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Sonore microRendu and SGC 7w low noise linear power supply bundle

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Sonore microRendu and SGC 7w low noise linear power supply bundle


Mint condition, from second owner, Sonore microRendu audiophile music server including latest 2.8 version firmware and backup copy of 2.7 firmware. Outstanding endpoint for Roon streaming, Spotify Connect, NAA mode for HQ Player, DLNA/MPD mode for use with a huge variety of iOS and Android remote apps(e.g. Lumin, Linn Kazoo, Audionet). Includes original box, packing materials, hard USB connector.

Comes with a SGC 7V low noise linear power supply.

"The Sonore microRendu is an audiophile microcomputer with Ethernet input and USB Audio output. The microRendu utilizes a proprietary printed circuit board with only the essential components. The microRendu is small and lightweight. Connect the microRendu directly to your USB device via a USB cable or hard adapter eliminating the need for a USB cable. Don't let the size fool you though because it's been designed to take into consideration all that is important to USB Audio. The microRendu is easy to configure and can accept audio streams from several digital sources."

Sonore microRendu reviews:
AudiophileStyle Review (Product of the Year) https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/Sonore-microRendu-Review-Part-1/
Part 2 https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/Sonore-microRendu-Review-Part-2/
Darko Review https://darko.audio/2017/01/classy-sonores-microrendu-takes-digital-audio-higher/
The Absolute Sound Review https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/sonore-microrendu-streaming-music-player-and-signature-series-linear-power-supply

Paypal fees and CONUS shipping included. $30USD shipping to Canada.


C.A.P.S. v2.0 w/ SOTM USB card and J River 17 > Modwright LS100 w DAC upgrade > Modwright KWA 100SE> Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grands

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