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FS: Stax SR-407

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Culling the herd as I have too many headphones. I have up for sale Stax SR-407. This will come with the original box and manual which are in excellent condition. 

The asking price of $325 includes PayPal fees and shipping to the continental US willing to ship elsewhere but contact me via PM to coordinate.






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    325.00 USD
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Digital: i9-12900k server, EtherRegen, iBOX-V1000, Mercury Streamer, 20G, May KTE, Yggy LiM, Pulse Blue

Analog: Schiit Sol, KTE LCR-1 MK5, Ultra 500, Freya, Freya+, Tyr, KGGG

Sound makers: SR-X9000, SR-Σ Pro, SR-507, SR-404, ES-1a #74, ES-Sigma L700, HiveX,  RR1 #105, WH-1000XM4, NS-1000M, Stealth 8

Power: Topaz/MGE isolation transformers, DIY ULPS, Hypsos, LPS-1.2, LPS4

For sale: SR-507 | SR-404SRM-313


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