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Article: Announcing Josh Mound's Club TBVO

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I will also start with a small donation and plan to raise it as this grows over time.

Headphones: ZMF Atrium Closed, ZMF Bokeh, Audeze LCD-X, Meze 109 Pro, Focal Clear Mg, Noble Katana IEMs, Dan Clark Aeon 2 Closed
Amp/DAC: Decware MKIII Tube Amp, ZMF Homage, Schiit Bifrost 2/64, Woo Audio WA8, Burston Playmate 2, Mytek DSD192 DAC, Cayin RU7, Chord Mojo, Fiio M11 Plus DAP
Cables: Promitheus XLR Interconnects, WyWired red cables, Meze Silver, ZMF 6.35 ofc and 4 pin xlr stock, Arctic Cable, Audio Envy Cable balanced, balanced Silver Interconnects
Other: Aurender N100H, Macbook Pro (2023) running Audirvana Studio

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