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Article: Announcing Josh Mound's Club TBVO

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3 hours ago, M1chael said:

I think your TBVO articles are great and I will be donating. I’m in the vinyl still sounds more real than digital camp though. But digital has improved dramatically since its inception. I listen to digital exclusively, I have an inexpensive turntable but it doesn’t make sense for me right now. But some of my needle drops are some of my best sounding discs. I read an article years ago by Wojciech Pacuta explaining why analog sounds better. It went something like this. Reel to reel tape has 80 million samples per second, while DSD has 2.8 million samples per second. I’m kind of an old dude so I remember way back, it seems I never experienced listener fatigue playing records on a much inferior system. Now I have a better amp and speakers and an OPPO disc player, but experience listening fatigue after an hour or two. Can anybody relate to or explain this, I think I still have excellent hearing. 



Fatigue is not necessarily digital.  Just for example, your speakers may be "better", but still fatiguing, especially if you grew up with a more laid back sound.  I had a pair of B&W 805s that I enjoyed for years and were very highly reviewed.  But after a while I realized they were fatiguing.  I swapped them for Wilson TuneTots and the fatigue disappeared.

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