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Sean Jacobs DC3 Power Supply for Chord DAVE

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Sean Jacobs DC3 Power Supply for Chord DAVE

Sean Jacobs DC3 power supply used to power Chord DAVE. This is a three-rail power supply as required by the DAVE. The DC3 has been discontinued by Sean Jacobs but appears to be built like a tank and does not pop up often on the used market. It has performed flawlessly for me. 


Standard black DC3 chassis measures 9.25" wide x 11.75" deep x 3.25" high. There are subtle paint blemishes on the chassis but no dings or scratches. The umbilical that connects the supply to your DAVE is .5 meter (about 20"). 


The supply incorporates Mundorf caps, a Furutech NCF IEC inlet, and SR Orange fuse. 


Compared to DAVE's stock SMPS power supply, the DC3 elevates the DAVE to a completely different level. The degree of improvement with respect to noise floor, dynamics, and tonal richness is significant. I have upgraded to the Sean Jacobs ARC6 DC4 ($10,000), which is at another level, but the bang for the buck provided by the DC3 is special. 


If you have an unmodified DAVE, you will need to remove the DAVE's SMPS power supply and connect the umbilical from the DC3 to the DAVE. This is a straightforward procedure even for someone who is "all thumbs" like me. The procedure will void your warranty but is completely reversible. 


Unit will be double-boxed. Continental shipping, insurance, and PayPal fees including in asking price. 


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