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PS3 / Popcornhour for music?


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I'm going to change to streaming audio, and I'm looking at different player options. I would like some video capabilities too, but musical performance is my main concern.


I had hoped the Apple would update the Mac Mini this month, but since that seems not to happen, I'm looking at other alternatives until (hopefully) an updated Mac Mini will come out.


Has anyone here tried either a PS3 or the Popcornhour A-110 for music? Are these devices any good? I should mention that I have been into Hifi for years, and therefore probably have a pretty high standard.


Also I was wandering if it would be possible to use something like the Trends UD-10.1 with either the PS3 or the Popcornhour?


Any input is appreciated.


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Hi Pascal!


I bought the Popcornhour A-100 (same software as the A-110) when it was released and has enjoyed it immensly. For movies that is.


Even though it is a brilliant movie player, it is really not good enough for music at the moment. Especially the user interface is not sufficient when it comes to handling large libraries. Syabas (developer of the NMT interface) has stated that will rewrite the music interface, but that is months away. And I really doubt it will ever be capable of replacing for instance a mac based system (Mac mini).


Popcorn Hour is first and foremost and excellent movie player (highly recomended for playing 720P/1080p content) :-)


Cant comment on the PS3


Yours Asbjørn




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