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Vertex AQ Pico Component Grounding Block

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Vertex AQ Pico Component Grounding Block

Pico component grounding box. Provides better RFI electrical ground and acoustic ground for components using spare RCA/XLR/USB/Spade sockets.
This comes with two grounding cables per your choice.


Grounding cables available:
2 x XLR male
2 x XLR female
2 x RCA
1 x USB
1 x small spade
1 x big spade
1 x LessLoss Entropic C-MARC XLR male (this comes at an extra cost of $190, retail is: $296)
The LessLoss Entropic ground cable is a huge improvement over the regular ground cable and it will reveal much more of the music in the recording.


Choose two for each Pico.


Though you see the blue tag on top of 2 of the Picos, there are all 'Gunmetal anodized, black/silverline braiding on cables'
When I ordered them they ran out of the black tag, so they used the blue one instead.

Note: the cello tape you see on the RCA grounding cables is to mark the direction I was using them.






I'm the original owner.


4 Picos are available.


Retail Price: £460 (per Pico + 2 grounding cables)
Asking Price: SOLD


Shipping with EMS Worldwide from Israel.
PayPal please add 4.4%-5.4% depends on the buyer location.
I can also accept Wise, which has lower fees than PayPal.


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    290.00 USD
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