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Searching in the Music App (formerly iTunes)

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I am getting frustrated trying to search in the Music App.  If my last search was in iTunes Store, search will not show me my music library for a search.  There is a back icon which I use, but it does not take me to my library.  Any suggestions welcomed.  Thanks

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At the risk of stating what might be the obvious...


Way over on the right side of the app window, ya know, where one would naturally look after typing in a box on the far left side of the window, I see three options for the search location:  Apple Music, Your Library, and iTunes Store.

Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 7.51.10 PM.png

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i agree, the options are there in the beginning.  But, if I change the search topic, the options do not reappear.

For example:  I search for Coltrane in the iTunes Store.  If I then search for Sly Stone the options do not reappear and the search looks in the iTunes store.  I cannot figure out how to get back to my library.

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