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eac not reconizing songs and album


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Hi,i was wondering if you could help me out here.I started converting my cd collection to wav lossless through windows media player and all was fine.Then i decided to use eac to copy file so i could make sure they were bit perfect.Now when i convert my cd's with eac,i dont get song desricption or album desricption which sucks.I know it must be somthing im doing but don't know what.Also the first 40 cd's i converted were wav lossless but im hearing alot about flac,is one better than the other?it would be a pain to redo all 40 cd's even though there is no guarantee that they are bit perfect.Thanks


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Are you trying to convert WAV files into FLAC files using EAC? If so, the details wont be recognised as WAV doesnt support tags.


I'm afraid ill have to let someone else pick things up from here.


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Sorry i will try to make myself clearer.I just got up and running on EAC.Im was trying to rip my cd's to WAV Lossless.When the rip was complete none of the songs had descriptions but they play fine.Im not sure on how to get the album and song info.When i was useing windows media player it did every thing for me.Thanks


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With EAC running, from the top menu go to 'EAC/freedb/ Database Options' This will open up the settings page. The most important setting is to make sure that you have entered an e-mail address, it will not function if you do not! Select a server from the list and away you go.


Hope this helps.


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files in mdia player, they will show up right in media player, but not if you transfer the m to another machine, or another media player. In fact, i think you would even lose the "tags" if media player ever had a problem and needed to re-populate the library. This has always been my experience anyway.


EDIT - i see you've got it sorted, which means ive either misunderstood your question again, or WAV can hold tags, which im pretty sure it cant. Sorry. Anyway, as loing as you're happy and sorted.


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Hi vinnie,


Love it when a plan comes together!


FWIW, my personal doodlings with various ripping regimes have yielded very little difference, at least with what I can hear. ;) Although in the end my preference is for EAC/Flac (more space and better upper-mid definition) over iTunes/alac, but the difference was slight and, for me, outweighed by the convenience of iTunes as the player.


I am also a member of the B&W Music Club. They provide the monthly download in two formats, namely Flac and Alac. For burning to cd, I prefer the sound of the alac file burned from iTunes. For digital replay I again prefer the flac file, played through Monkey Audio.


No idea why this should be, but there you go!


Have fun!


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My collection is ripped to wav. For what it's worth, my experience matches yours: foorbar does not recognise the album and artist for wav files generated by EAC (other media players, for example MediaMonkey, will recognise the information based on your file structure).


If you do decide to convert to flac, you don't need to rip again. You can bulk convert from wav to flac using foorbar - it will take foorbar a couple of hours to covert 40 CDs. The end result will be the same as if you ripped to flac using EAC (if you tell EAC to rip to flac it will convert to WAV first, then flac).


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