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Article: The Immersive Audiophile Update 6

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Just now, jrobbins50 said:

Sound great, Chris!  I don’t know what you could put together for the system that would have the potential to sound any better. 


As one point of comparison for DD+ lossy Atmos, I have an Apple TV4K which is HDMI connected to my Marantz AV-8802A processor. This plays Apple Music, of course. I’ve utilized the Audyssey Pro measurement kit to optimize DSP as best I can with the limited processing power in the pre/pro. 

In comparison, I have a 2017 MacBook running Apple Music which I have looped the digital output into the Lynx AES16e sound card in my Windows server. This enables me to use HQPlayer to upscale the 24/48 content to DSD128, apply Audiolense convolution filters and use the recommended HQP lossy settings before outputting to my Okto dac8pro. 

No question, the routing through HQP and my DAC smokes the Apple TV4K through the Marantz. Much more spacious (pun intended) sound from top to bottom, even though lossy. 

I would expect the difference may be less for you with the Trinnov as your processor, but the proof will be in the outcome once you get it all set up. Fun to follow along. JCR  

Thanks JCR! 


I'm looking forward to all of this. Can't wait to write about it and go into each system extensively. I'm sure much of it's a little fuzzy for people who do't eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff :~)

Founder of Audiophile Style

UPDATED: My Audio Systems -> https://audiophile.style/system

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1 hour ago, austinpop said:


I hope you’re HAPI.


Sorry, I thought you said Hopi, like the Native American tribe.


I am sure he is happy. More toys.

Current:  Daphile on an AMD A10-9500 with 16 GB RAM


Pre-amp - Rotel RC-1590

Amplification - Benchmark AHB2 amplifier

Speakers - Revel M126Be with 2 REL 7/ti subwoofers

Cables - Tara Labs RSC Reference and Blue Jean Cable Balanced Interconnects

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Really exciting things you are doing here and anxiously anticipating future articles as the experiment continues. Will be curious as to your impressions around the Trinnov (I absolutely love mine) and as to how you feel will be the best way of integrating all components into the overall system.  Wilson‘s in a surround constellation must have an exceptional „WoW“ potential!

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8 hours ago, jrobbins50 said:

Any reason to think the Earthworks M30 would yield any different results using Audiolense XO?

Less calibration is better. M30's FR is very flat (guaranteed < +/-0.3dB until 30KHz) and you can even use it without calibration file. If you use calibration file you can sweep up to 40KHz!


I don't have UMIK-2 but I own Sonarworks' and here's the comparison chart (rendered from the calibration file):


As you can see Sonarworks' high frequency rises un-naturally and then drop somewhere from 11KHz then stop at 15KHz (vertical flip the chart  = original FR) which prob would cause more errors when computing / generating filters.


I personally think that UMIK-2's 192KHz sampling rate really doesn't matter. You have to check the calibration file then decide to use it or not. But unfortunately the website didn't provide any FR-related information...

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Thanks, @mitchco.  I can do that test. So, it is unclear to me where an M30 gets plugged into, if not USB.  Put another way, how does the microphone output signal make its way into the server with Audiolense running on it?  I guess the things I have around are my Okto dac8pro and a couple of Lynx AES16e cards in my server. JCR 

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11 hours ago, jrobbins50 said:

it is unclear to me where an M30 gets plugged into, if not USB

M30 is a condenser mic and needs 48V phantom power to drive it. Looks like you need an USB interface with 48V for analog input...

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