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Pair of Toroidy Supreme 240v / 25VAC transformers

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Pair of Toroidy Supreme 240v / 25VAC transformers

Pair of transformers for Nenons V3 power supply which can be used (once completed) to power a music server via HDPlex DC-DC or Taiko Audio ATX converters.


Good substitute for the Taiko Noratel transform currently listed at €250 each




Details of Nenons v3 power supply build here:


This sale is for a PAIR of brand new 400VA transformers, 240v primary and single 25VAC secondary.  Includes pair of mounting plates and bolts.  Cannot be used in 100/120v areas, just 230/240v.


Original price, €310.  I will sell the pair for £150 or $185 or equivalent plus postage.  Quick dispatch and no 35 day production wait from Toroidy, Poland.


These two transformer can also be used to make power supplies for LM3886 amps, such as Neurochrome or MyRef (if used in parallel) or TPA3255.


Selling from Oxford, UK.  Shipping anywhere other than Russia.


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