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HRx Won't Copy to Mac Mini

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It takes a few times before it will recognize it, but it did come up on the desktop. I was able to select it and indeed the individual tracks came up as separate folders. But I wasn't able to do anything with them from there. I wasn't able to copy them, iTunes didn't know it was there, I went in to utilities and wasn't able to do anything and the DVD player in Applications saw nothing.


I hope I have given you some clues that will help reach across the miles.


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I could not copy individual tracks and paste them to the desktop. However, what I did find is that after the disk is loaded, do not let the drive time out and stop spinning. When you double click on each track, iTunes will show it copying but you will not see any progress on the bar graph at the top. Then the error message will come up that it could not read or write to the disk. The drive will not spool up the disk to start copying and that is the problem.


So in order to copy the disk successfully you have to double click on each track while the disk drive is still spinning and have iTunes open. Then it will copy but you need to do this for each track.


Thanks. Problem solved.




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