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AFTERDARK Project CLAYX EMPEROR GIESEMANN EVA OCXO 10MHz 50Ohm Master Clock (the top tier one)

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AFTERDARK Project CLAYX EMPEROR GIESEMANN EVA OCXO 10MHz 50Ohm Master Clock (the top tier one)

If you haven't tried an external clock with your gear that supports it, you don't know what you're missing! I was stunned at how good my system sounded with this setup in play.

I purchased this awesome AfterDark flagship 10MHz master clock from another member who was upgrading to an even more insane clock setup back in March. I juiced up my Gustard X26 Pro DAC (50 Ohm clock input) and my etherREGEN (75 Ohm clock input) simultaneously via a Cybershaft 50 Ohm splitter (and a second, matching clock cable from AfterDark, along with one of the Mini-Circuits low-pass filters that John Swenson recommends).

Once the clock came up to temp and stabilized, the results were truly astounding. The Gustard DAC allows for switching between its internal clock and the external clock on the fly, so I could hear the improvements readily. The eR requires a power cycle every time you change the clock switch on it, so it was harder to perform A|B analysis, but I can say that the combined goodness of both of their clocks being elevated was on par with a major component upgrade. Easily worth the price of admission, and it has inspired me to invest in a clock that has multiple outputs.

This bundle includes:


Also included: Paperwork including a Calibration report with Phase Noise and Allan Deviation figures, a boring US power cable, and a decidedly non-fancy DC cable.

The total retail price for all this awesome at time of this listing is $4,333! 👀  

I'm not looking to break the set at this time (but if you make me an offer I can't refuse for just the clock, I'll certainly entertain it).

Most of these items were purchased from AfterDark official website in Feb. 2021 and the original shipping label is in the included paperwork. I was told by the purchaser that these items are under AfterDark's free official maintenance warranty until Feb. 2023. 

I'll pay shipping to verified PayPal addresses in the CONUS and PayPal fees at my asking price only.


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