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Acoustic Revive RGC-24 Ground Conditioner

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Acoustic Revive RGC-24 Ground Conditioner

Up for sale is an Acoustic Revive RGC-24 Ground Conditioner


Ground Conditioner

Physical Condition:
8/10: All items are in near perfect condition with maybe a little dust in the crevices.

Functional Condition:
It has been tested and function as it should.



Tobacco/Pet Free:

Included are:
Connector Cable
RCA Plug Adapter
Original Box

As for audio product, it is an ideal to get high quality grounding form the earth.  A lot of people have trouble getting grounding done, because of the enviroment where they live.  Even grounding has been done, it is difficult to get good result because of low ground resistance.  This could lead to countercurrent of noise and radio signal on to the sound.  Also, if ther is a mistake in how dropping the ground from the equipment, ther is a chance of ground loop and ham noise getting on to the audio signal.
RGC-24 fixes chassis electrical current potential and electric field outbreak by virtual ground enviroment.  This leads to stability in circuit moment, which improves sound.  Inside the RGC-24 there is blend of natural ore, which has minus electrical current potential.  Electrical current potential and electric field from the equipment travels through the attached cable and to inside of the RGC-24.
Even in the enviroment where ground is already been drawn, you can improve sound quality more by using RGC-24.

6moons: “The biggest difference among the components reviewed was provided by the RCC-24 grounding conditioner. The RCC-24 does help produce a more natural, less electronic, less sterile sound to create a more natural presentation that serves the music well. In my HiFi rig, the overall effect was dramatic enough that I'm not hesitating for a moment to nominate the RCC-24 grounding conditioner a Blue Moon Award - it's the real deal. ”

MSRP $1,360, Asking $349.99 (FIRM)

Take advantage of 0% Interest and No Payments for 6 months through PayPal Credit.

Please check out my other audio gear bargains!

Shipping inside the USA is $19.99.
No International Shipping

I accept Paypal, Credit Cards, Zelle, Cashier's Checks or Money Orders.
When Cashier's Checks or Money Orders are used, the item will ship once the C.C. or M.O. clears.
Please add 3% to the total when PayPal, Express Checkout or Credit card payment is used.

International Shipping:
When I ship International I am not responsible for any loss/damage during shipping and any Customs duties/fees/charges/taxes.
Please check with your local customs office about anything related to the import of this item.

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