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Sablon Audio 2020 USB Unpowered Cable 0.8m

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Sablon Audio 2020 USB Unpowered Cable 0.8m

Up for sale is my Sablon Audio 2020 USB Unpowered Cable in excellent condition. Standard length 0.8m end-to-end (the unpowered version came standard in this length). Asking $400 (paypal fees and shipping within continental US included). Selling because I am moving to a network capable DAC.

Lots of great user feedback on WBS forum for the cable:


An UNPOWERED USB cable does not come with a voltage line (vbus). Please make sure that your DAC can work with an UNPOWERED USB cable. Although the Sablon website previously mentioned that a few brands (Lampizator / T&A / SOTM TX Ultra / Mojo Audio / Nagra etc) can work with an unpowered cable, it really depends on the specific DAC model within the brand. It worked with my Mojo Audio EVO 2021 B4B DAC but it did not work with another model from that brand even though the DAC manufacturer indicated all their DAC's don't use the vbus line. So you need to have successfully used an unpowered USB on your specific DAC model to be 100% sure. But if your DAC works with an unpowered cable, you will benefit from ("blessed with") less noise/interference and consequently better sound quality.

If you are outside of the continental US or your paypal payment requires a foreign currency conversion, we will have to separately come to terms on paypal fees (fees are higher when there is a currency conversion) and shipping costs. And you are responsible for any customs related taxes/fees on your end.

Thanks for looking!

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