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Still Learning - Requesting Input

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I've been following the entire forum for several weeks now, absorbing as much information as possible about the pros and cons of various server configurations. I've also read the various server build articles.


Now I'd like to get some input on the following idea for my server build. My goal is a "reference" system for a less-than reference price. My choice of DAC is still under consideration. . .I just want to make sure that I can feed it the highest quality/highest resolution data possible (up to 24/192). I'll probably look at DACs between $2K and $3K. . .so many DACs, so little time (or money).


So here's my idea:


MAC mini as a headless unit in my listening room (upstairs), connected to DAC. Will also be used to rip CDs.


Drobo/Droboshare in my basement, connected via ethernet cable to my network router.


Wireless 802G between router/Drobo and MAC mini.


iPod Touch for control.


What are the limitations to audio quality (DAC notwithstanding) with this setup?






Under construction.

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That's a good plan.


Here's a couple thoughts - a MacBook gives you a screen which is very helpful for lots of things. Fiddling with artwork, faster playlists, updates, etc. Costs a bit more.


If you have a drawer or something to cram Drobo in you can skip the Droboshare and get much faster performance going direct to computer. Updating something like an iPod via wireless is snail pace with Drobo. Drobo needs the drawer as it's not silent. But your plan is fine, just giving you some food for thought.


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