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Jcat Femto 2.0 audiophile USB audio card

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Jcat Femto 2.0 audiophile USB audio card

Jcat Femto 2.0 audiophile USB audio card.


Mint condition. Comes with both high and low mounting brackets. Original box included. 


$250 + $30 UPS shipping + PayPal fees (or no extra fees when using friends and family option)

  • Audiophile PCI Express USB Audio Card
  • Plug & Play in any PC or mini PC with a PCIe slot
  • Amazing sound quality improvement for any USB DAC or USB-DDC
  • Ultra-low noise linear regulators and filters eliminate noise interferences from a PC
  • Zero switching power supplies design
  • Femto Clock Technology (Crystek CCHD-957) lowers jitter below measurable levels
  • Highest quality industrial grade components with operating temperature range from -40*C to +85*C
  • Enterprise level high-performance uDP720201 USB 3.0 NEC controller
  • Gold plated high durability EMI shielded USB connectors
  • Two audiophile grade USB Audio outputs supporting Low Speed (1.5 Mbps), Full-Speed (12 Mbps), Hi-Speed (480 Mbps) and Super-Speed (5 Gbps) data rates
  • Supports all lossless formats and sample rates
  • External PSU option eliminates computer as the source of power. For lowest noise and best sound quality use JCAT power supplies (requirements for the PSU: 5V/1A min)
  • Both full-size and low-profile laser cut PCI-e brackets included
  • All x1-x16 lane PCI Express 2.0 slots supported
  • Supported operating systems: Windows (all editions) and Linux




PC: Hot rodded CAPS v4 Pipeline: Teradak ATX linear PSU, MojoAudio super regulator, Pink Faun Ultra OCXO USB card

Digital: Lampizator Pacific DAC

Amp: Dan D'Agostino Momentum Stereo

Speakers: Magcio M3

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