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Quicksilver Integrated tube amplifier

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Quicksilver Integrated tube amplifier

Delivers pure music with body and detail. Was used three to four months, several hours per day, so plenty of tube life remains.
Drove Focal Aria 906 speakers, rated 89.5 dB sensitivity, with no problem. I never had the volume control more than half-way.
This is a current product from Mike Sanders at his Quicksilver business, not a "vintage" item.
Please note that I am selling local only, no shipping; I am in Oakland, California. The same item is also on craigslist.

Manufacturer specifications:
Power Output: 20 watts into any load from 2 to 8 ohms
1 Watt Bandwidth: 1.5 Hz to 60 KHz
Power Bandwidth: 15 Hz to 30 KHz
Peak Power: 40 watts per channel
Damping Factor: 10 with 8 ohm load
Input Impedance: 50 Kohms
Tube Complement: Eight 6BQ5, two 12DW7
Dimensions: 6″H, 11″D, 15″W
Weight: 33 lbs.

This is a current product, not a "vintage" item.

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