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Foobar, Terrabyte HD and music server (organzing music)


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I recently got a TB seagate hd to replace multiple smaller HD. It got me looking at my music, and it's kind of poorly tagged, lacking album art, un-organized (30% of it maybe). I have 15, 000 tracks on my computer. 200 or so CD's I haven't bothered burning (takes so damn long). Is there an easy way to go through and tag things and re-organize or do i have to do it painstakingly lol. I used Musicbrainz Picard for a bit (worked alright) but it's still a long process. Is this just the sad reality?



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I'm no help either. If the songs aren't even linked as albums you have a good road to hoe. Have you tried importing some of them into iTunes, MediaMonkey, WinAmp or something and see if it can help you make sense of it all. WinAmp would probagbly be the worst as it gets really ugly when it's confused about albums. But you might get tags.


So, I think I'd start with a decent player and try a few. Like I said, not much help.


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I just went through this same thing consolidating my music onto a new hard drive. What info on the tags are you trying to fix? The basic stuff (Artist, Song Name) you will have a hard time trying to fix. Album, Track Number, Year you might be able to get from Picard. Honestly, the easiest way to get this information correct is to do it as the CD is being imported. Although this might be the most time-consuming, it is the most comprehensive. As far as MediaMonkey goes, I had pretty poor luck with it; I only got good results when I already had all the correct metadata.


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The new cd importing isn't too bad for tagging, but moreso just a long time to burn lol.


All of my music has some taggging, but it's not uniform and not always complete. Uniformity is probably the hardest to fix. Picard is alright if the cd can be found in their database.


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