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Article: HIFIMAN Susvara: A Long-term Review

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1 hour ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

Thanks for the review Sajid! I love your selection of headphones and amplification choices. Great stuff. 


I also loved the disclaimer section. I feel like I know you and understand and your writing a little bit more. Thanks for that. 

You are very welcome!

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8 hours ago, PeterG said:

Super review--thanks again!


I love the way you do comparisons to other summit phones.  We are living in a golden age with 5 or more magnificent headphones able to rival six-figure speaker-based systems.  Too many well-meaning reviewers take these products on one at a time, and then just gush all over them.  The gushing is fair and well deserved, but the only way to really understand each product is to do as you have here and describe the trade-offs between them

Thanks for your kind words! We do indeed live in a golden age of headphones! And yes, comparisons is what I read in reviews, so thought it would be important to share for those considering buying. 

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8 hours ago, AudioDoctor said:


I never thought to try an Accuphase integrated with the Susvara... Now that the thought is in my head there is only one way to get it out. Did you use one of the Class A or A/B amps?

Class A/B. The e380 is A/B. More dynamic and punchy compared to the more refined e650 and e800.

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