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Topping DX7S dac/headphone amplifier, has warranty

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Topping DX7S dac/headphone amplifier, has warranty

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Awesome Dac/ Headphone amplifier, using two SABRE 9038M chips, one per channel for greater dynamic range and vanishingly low THD. Don't let its low price mislead you: this little unit can compete with most dacs out there many times its price!

I settled on this dac after testing IFI PRO IDSD, SMSL D1, Topping D90, SMSL M400, bunch of top of like Gustards, etc. The condition is excellent but has some small scratches on unit's bottom only.

Has warranty from APOS & Topping through June 2022, bought from APOS audio.

Price with FRIENDS & Family option only , or check after it clears, but much prefer local sale with cash.

Price is FIRM. Item is NOT listed on Ebay, but is listed on other audio selling site.

EBAY AND AUDIOGON ref are available upon request.









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