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The new development of Project ClayX ROON KARMANN Music Server x Handhartilo Series

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AfterDark. Project ClayX ROON KARMANN Music Server x Handhartilo Series


AfterDark. is receiving a lot of interest from customer who want to upgrade their Roon Server with lastest specifications.  So, we tried to build a one box solution, in which the Roon server will build in LPS, SFP Optical Network Isolator, Roon Core platform is equiped with the Gen10 Intel i7-10510U (4.9Ghz).


For audiophile optimisation on software,  ROON KARMANN Server can be pre-install Fidelizer Pro 8.8 can be purchase as option. 


Since we design the Roon KARMANN Server with Intel i7 Gen10 Comet Lake processor Quad Core 8 Threads (Base Frequency 1.80GHz, Max Turbo Frequency 4.90GHz) 8M Cache, with14nm lithography, the system can runs in modernest heat and much less power as before, as a result the Roon Server will be fanless and all the heat is transferred with industrial grade Thermo Epoxy with ultra high heat transfer index to the chassis. So, it can avoid the vibration and free from electrical noises from the fan motors. 


The ROON OS is installed in M.2 NVME SSD made by Samsung which designed to runs in lowest latency at very high speed at Read 7000Mb/s and Write 5000Mb/s. We believe Samsung NVME M.2 SSD is of the tweak to optimise audio and sounding.


The BIOS is optimised for ROON Server by AfterDark. So the Roon Server OS can managed to boot up in only 6 seconds.  This arrange can help to run ROON OS where customer has extreme high volumes of Music storage, which minimise the processing time of index and good for sound optimisation. 


ROON KARMANN Music Server is designed to have processing power to handle extreme large library capacity, it can process over 60,000 albums (600,000 tracks) . 


The Pionner S12J-X Flagship Blu-Ray CD Ripping can be install as optional upgrade for best CD Ripping experiences. 


Purchase Link


Handhartilo Enclosure / Modules Specification:

  • Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate is made of 6mm front / 3mm back thickness of Carbon Fiber Audiophile MAT for EMI shielding and Anti-Resonance for mission critical application for Audiophile. The will prevent external EMI noise from getting to the digital signals and the high performance density of Carbon Fiber Shield to further prevent the ingress of noise (RFI, etc.) and increase stabilization during Roon streaming application.
  • Black Modernize Connection Interface Upgrade provide maximum flexibility and enhance Noise Isolated performance with propriety “LAN input for Audio” and “Optical Lan Isolator” for audiophile audio connection.
  • Black Constellation (CFS) Optical Fiber Audio Lan Isolator Performance Modules, this Lan Isolator interface is upgraded with 10G SFP Finisar Industrial Grade Optical Module and Commercial Grade Commscope Single Mode  Optical Fiber Cable to provide the best data transfer with much “less error rate” to provide the best audio performance for Lan Isolation application. The separate Linear Power Supply / UPS Battery was used to provide the best audio performance with less signal to noise background. The micro details and soundstage on Hi-Res Audio will improves significantly.
  • Furutech FI-03 Rhodium IEC Flagship outlet will be equipped for enhanced music presentation and maximized power conductivity.
  • Project ClayX Triple Crown Duelund Silver Cable will be used for internal DC power wire.
  • Black Modernize Linear Power Supply - High Current Version will be equipped to eliminate the EMI interference and provide more stable audiophile grade power supply for audiophile Roon Server.  Transformer is made by BLOCK-trafo.de 80VA (Made in Germany) 
  • Schurter Gold Fuse apply to maximise the Audio Performance on Roon Server 
  • Extra anti EMI-absorber material was placed on the connection board, to eliminate the signal noise and better separation to avoid vibration interference for mission critical Audiophile Network Switch application.
  • The “Carbonized Screw” was used to fix the position on Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate for Audiophile NAS.
  • All hand made by AfterDark.



The Pionner S12J-X Flagship Blu-Ray CD Ripping can be install as optional upgrade 











Core Specification:

  • Intel i7 Gen10 processor Quad Core 8 Threads (Base Frequency 1.80GHz, Max Turbo Frequency 4.90GHz) 8M Cache
  • Mircon 32GB DDR4 2666 RAM (34.1 GB/s) (Dual Channels) 
  • Samsung 512GB OS M.2 SSD NVME PCIE 4.0 specifcation for Audio Grade (Read: 7000M/s, White: 5000M/s) - Preinstalled with Roon Core Server
  • Project ClayX Black Modernize Linear Power Supply - High Current Version (Transformer made by BLOCK.DE in Germany) 
  • Project ClayX Triple Crown Internal DC Cable x Duelund Silver terminated with Audio Note silver solder
  • USB 3.0 x 2
  • Type-C USB 3.1 x 1
  • HDMI 2.0  x 1 / Display Port x 1
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN x 1
  • Intel 2.4G + 5G WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 
  • 1 Extra SATA SSD (Samsung EVO 870 2TB or 4TB SSD) (optional) or 18TB Helium 10 HDD (optional). Drives of any storage capacity are supported,
  • Over 60,000 albums (600,000 tracks)
  • More than 6 simultaneous zones
  • All DSP functions available.





Finisar SFP Module will be used in Roon KARMANN Server to provide optical isolation to switch


Roon KARMANN Server support DSP function:


  • MQA Software Decoding
  • Parametric and Graphic EQ
  • SoX high-quality resampling/ Upsampling
  • Crossfeed for Headphones
  • Auto-shuffle for random play
  • Custom Radio Station feature
  • Audio Input/Output Routing
  • WiFi Access Point (AP) Mode
  • Samba scan for easy NAS connect


 Black Modernize Optical SFP Lan Isolator Performance Module?

  • Full Duplex 1000M Audio Grade Lan Isolator
  • 2 x Finisar SFP Industrial Grade Optical Modules for Audio Critical Mission Application
  • Commscope Single Mode Server Grade Optical Fiber Cable
  • “Sound Tuning” mod to replace Audio Note KANSEI Capacitor on Isolator Network Modules 
  • Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Plate
  • Black Modernize Connection Interface on Power IEC socket at the back plate
  • Black Modernize 12V Linear Power Supply for Black Constellation (CFS) Optical Fiber Lan Isolator
  • Performance Tweak with EMI Shielding on all connectors
  • AfterDark Black Modernize Carbon Fiber Anti-Resonance Enclosure Case for Audiophile




Amp: Goldmund 27+ EVO Preamp, Goldmund 29M Power Amp, Goldmund AC-Curator

DAC: CH Precision C1.1 Digital Convertor,  Studer D19 DAC, Wadia 2000 DAC

Digital: Mutec MC3-USB,  AfterDark. Giesemann OCXO 10M Master Clock Giesemann EVA 

Playback: Goldmund PH3 Phono Amp, Linn LP12, Studer A807 VU MKII Open Reel


Dealer: UpTone Audio, Gustard, Farad Power Supply, Cybershaft, Thixar, DELA

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