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Article: Spending Time With The HiFi Rose RS250

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I see this as a good idea that hasn't had enough maturing and real thought put into it yet. A classic receiver gives you the look they're after, but it's real, it gives you an amplifier, and with the addition of a DAC plugged into a PC has the same functions with a better interface. For 2500USD you can get all of that as well.

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I had the RS150 Network Streamer in my setup in July last year and I have to agree with what Chris says.  Their product is a fantastic first effort and needs a little refining.  The build quality and connection options are fantastic.  But they need to dial it back a little on the software interface.  It's a little too much of consumer hifi / lifestyle product in parts.  They could focus more on the sound instead of cramming all the features available out there.  


But there is absolutely nothing one can fault Hifi Rose with on hardware implementation (see photo enclosed).  Top notch dac chip options, balanced implementation, all the digital connectivity options (ethernet, i2s, USB etc) one can ask for in a network transport - the sky is the limit with the potential of this product line.    



Hifi Rose RS150.jpg

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