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XBMC or JRiver Media?


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XBMC looks like it supports WASAPI in its latest version. Any reason why XBMC cannot do what JRiver Media Center can do in terms of playing back bit-perfect music?


I've read that JRiver is the "audiophile choice" but it seems XBMC has improved to the point where both have the same functionality. What are the limitations of using XBMC to achieve optimal sound quality playback of music?




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I have used both and others for three to five months

and my two pence and simple input; are that they

are both not fully grown up yet.perhaps it is age (my)

or just a desire for simplicity.

What I need

1 Copy files to location with all tagging

2 Have a media player find and establish a database

3 Use database info and create an image wall (cd covers etc)

4 Easy to click and play any song from any album or whole album

5 Easy to create a playlist

6 Play all using AISO

I have not being able to do much of the above tasks





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> What I need

> 1 Copy files to location with all tagging

> ...

> 6 Play all using AISO

> I have not being able to do much of the above tasks


I've done 2-6 with JRMC. I use ASIO on my dedicated MusicPC and Kernel Streaming on my personal PC.


I don't fully understand what you mean in 1. Perhaps these comments will address 1.


JRMC does secure ripping of CDs. You specify the base folder and rules for the folder and file names of the resulting music files. These rules reply on tag values that it retrieves from its online tag database (with any editing changes you make.) JRMC can get tag information from FreeDB if its own tag database doesn't have an entry for a CD.


It also has commands for copying, moving and renaming files or to convert the file format. These commands can operate on a single file or on as many files as you select.



JRMC does have a lot of features. It is a good investment to explore the overall menu and the context sensitive right-click menus.






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Bit perfect or not, jRiver sounds significantly better on my setup than XBMC. I did not think about trying this until I read your post. Even though both are supposed to be bit perfect via WASAPI, XBMC just sounds muddled and veiled compared to jRiver, not sure why. Listening to some jazz as well as some small ensemble classical pieces, Ton the XBMC, the dark spaces between instruments just disappears, and sound stage becomes more 2 dimensional sitting between the 2 speakers. Also, XBMC does not support tags on AIFF files, so that itself is quite a big thumbs-down for me. I have another friend who has tried this a couple of weeks back on his system agreed with me on my experience.


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