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For Naim: ZenWave D3.5 RCA to DIN 5 Pin (Source to Naim Preamp)

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For Naim: ZenWave D3.5 RCA to DIN 5 Pin (Source to Naim Preamp)

For Sale is an outstanding ZenWave Audio D3.5 copper/silver blend, custom made for RCA source component (e.g., DAC) output sending signal into a Naim preamp 5 pin DIN socket. This cable was custom made for me by Dave five years ago and the D3.5 blend is no longer available.


Benefits over the stock Naim cable are a touch of the speed of silver in the high frequencies, extended, and the warmth of copper in the mids and bass. This cable combined with the Witch Hat I've also listed are awesome, IMO!


This cable was $500 when new. Length is about 32". Selling due to downsizing gear and not using Naim separates.

Sold as is, shipping to the CONUS only, buyer pays PayPal fees (if not using F&F) and shipping USPS (faster than FedEx these days!).

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    300.00 USD
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