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is my set up correct


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hi all


i would like your point of view regards my system, I never had any hi fi before so i can' t compare to other set up.


what i have now;


source; basic macbook late 2010


sw; itunes + pure music


music on internal macbook hd aiff and applelossles


cheap usb cable to an arcam rdac


pioneer a 400 amplifier


klipsh rf 82


is this ok or m i doing something wrong? do i need an external sound card??.


many thanks




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The only thing I might suggest are external hard drives, at least two, one to house your master library and one to use as a back up using Time Machine. You do not need any kind of ‘external soundcard’.


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an external hd Will improve sound quality??

On my MacBook I only have 2 USB port, one is alread y in use with the arcAm dac, is going to be any problem if I connect to the second USB to the external HD?? I have one with it's own power supply.


Many thanks


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